The Pendergraft Difference
After spending the better part of an entire career working in Wall Street firms and multi-national bank investment divisions, founder Charles Pendergraft grew tired of the lack of personal accountability in the corporate world. In addition, he became increasingly f
Our philosophy is simple, yet personal. We believe that people are brought together for a reason. We respect our clients as individuals, because we believe that personalities are more important than assets, and we treat every relationship with the respect…and responsibility…that we are called to serve those entrusted to us. We respect our clients by knowing them, not just their accounts. That is our core belief. That is The Pendergraft Difference.
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The Pendergraft Group, a private and completely independent firm, is the result of that dream. We don’t sell credit cards or loans or checking accounts, and we don’t push the product of the day based on some corporate initiative. We listen to our clients and match their goals to investment products designed to fit their specific needs. We provide unbiased advice without the inherent conflict of interest found in the “Big Banks” and
increasingly frustrated with the repetitive series of mergers and acquisitions that led to the constant change of ownership of the large investment corporations he worked for. Each ownership change seemed to produce new corporate initiatives that invariably put the company’s interests ahead of that of the client. 
His dream was to build a completely independent planning and asset management firm based on personal relationships, not assets, and to change the relational dynamic of the client / advisor model. To build a firm based on an unwavering commitment to serve clients, not a corporation. Most importantly, to create a company where doing the right thing for the client is not only the first decision, it is the only decision.
Banks” and other large investment firms.
With over a quarter century in the investment industry, we have a unique perspective. Our financial tenure has given us direct personal experience in every economic and societal event over the better part of the last three decades, and we have guided our clients through virtually every conceivable financial scenario imaginable. Our staff uses that experience and wisdom to take the fear out of planning, and the mystery out of the asset management process. We explain, in easily understandable terms, the ideas and concepts that enable our clients to make well informed, rational decisions. The result is a client / advisor relationship built upon mutual trust and respect, and we are proud to be a national firm with a long-term, loyal and multi-generational client base.
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