From Our President
I am always amazed at how time seems to go by more quickly as we age. As we enter into summer, our oldest daughter will be home from her first year at college, our middle daughter will officially be a high school senior, and our 13 year old son (who is as tall as I am!) will be eating us out of house and home!
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This summer also marks another anniversary of my decision to leave the corporate world and build a business dedicated to the needs of my clients, and not corporate profits. 

When I first made the leap from employee to employer, I was terrified! I will never forget the day I resigned from one of the largest financial institutions in the world to start my little boutique firm…the fear of the unknown was literally nauseating, but I knew in my heart I was doing the right thing.

The response from my clients was overwhelming, and the fear of the unknown quickly became an excitement of what was possible: more control of my day to day activities; no outside influence on decisions; the ability to focus on doing solely what was right, not what was beneficial to the company, and of course; the ability to spend more time with clients and less time satisfying corporate directives.

Sorry for the walk down memory lane, but I wanted to share all of that as a backdrop to share this: The Pendergraft Group, LLC has just been recognized as a “Top 25 Firm” with Capital Investment Companies! Capital is one of the largest Independent Broker Dealers in the Southeastern United States, and I am very proud of the relationship between The Pendergraft Group, LLC and Capital…even more so now that we are a Top 25 Firm!

As always, thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. I appreciate your loyalty more than you know!



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